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My baby should be 7 years old by now. She was born AUGUST 31, 2002.
As usual and nothing's changed, we miss her. We always remember her in times of happiness and sadness. Every time we feel pain, we miss her. Every time we laugh and feel so much joy, we remember her.
It is tough but we try to get by. It is heart crushing but we need to be strong.
The pain will always be there. We chose to live our lives the best we can and savor each and every moment that we experience with each other.
With the very distant path from Robin, we hope to reach that end where she would welcome us with open arms and this time, we can then be whole.

Robin and Ate Kimberly take a pose from my phone while listening to the orphans sing.

ROBIN'S FAVORITE PLACE is being in a cozy place like hotel rooms, bath tubs, suite accommodation in a boat, eating in fancy restos, swimming in nice pools, playing at McDonald's, playing with Barbie dolls, always being comfortable.

ROBIN AND ATE MAIA with the washing machine in-between, waiting for mom and dad in Lim Ket Kai.


After opening an account in Paypal, they may ask you to have a credit or debit card verified, for you to be able to withdraw your money.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

This is also a way for Paypal to check if you really are that person. They will ask for valid IDs, proof of billing as well if they find your account suspicious.

I don't have a credit card with me so I applied for a debit card called the EON card in Union Bank. It took me a month to go through this process.


1. I went to Union Bank Velez Branch, Cagayan de Oro (PhilAm Bldg.) to apply for an EON card. They will need a photocopy of your valid IDs (2) and you will need to fill up a form. Just bring a 2x2 picture with you in case. I think they asked for it too. Then they will ask you to be back in one week for the approval. But you have to call the bank first before going back because for me, it took me 2 weeks to wait for the approval.

2.Two weeks upon approval, they will ask you to pay P350 for the annual fee in which you will be paying this annually when you have this card. After paying, you will be asked to wait for one week to be able to get your EON card. In my case, I waited 2 weeks again to get the card at last.

3.After possessing the much awaited EON Card, I had it verified with Paypal. It also took me a month and sent scanned identification stuffs to them. I had no qualms about it since this would only prove that they will really check if you are not a computer-generated character.

4.So it took me two months to finally get a verified Paypal account (woohoo!) and the best part of it, every time a couple of dollars is credited in my account, I feel good and just stares at it smiling.

5.If you have other bank accounts, you can then add them into your same Paypal account without going through the effort of getting another credit or debit card. But Paypal will have to verify for a week or so, if you really own that account number. They will have to check it with your bank.


It's been months since I have been transferring funds from Paypal and so far, I have had no problems. I will definitely post it here if I have one.

Union Bank should lessen the number of waiting days so that they will capture a larger number of clients. Some banks like PNB (though I am not sure) automatically provides the card upon application.

There are other banks out there that offers debit cards. I only know of Security and Union Bank. If you know of any other banks, let me know.
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