Though I have no political inclination to whoever is seated in the government of the Republic of the Philippines, let me share what I think and feel in the level of a "common tao."

Eversince, I have never been a local news watcher I would say. I would prefer watching Martha Stewart, Tyra, Oprah, Rachel, star world, star movies, AXN, HBO, and CS.

If I am bored with watching TV, I would start checking my email and surf the net. Everytime I open yahoo, I cannot escape from reading the headlines because it just catches my eye. The headline news were really placed on the page without being left unnoticed. Kudos! Yahoo.

Anyway, when I was trying to keep our room tidy before my daughter Maia who is a 2nd grade student at Xavier Pueblo, I could hear my neighbor's TVs (take note TVs). It's somewhat like a senate hearing because I could hear from our garage Senator Cayetano's voice.

Out of curiosity, I turned on our TV and scanned for those familiar voices. Well, okay it's in ABS-CBN. It was the first senate hearing of Jun Lozada who at that time was not familiar to me because I was honestly not reading, watching or even listening anything about our country's happenings. I think you can categorize me as a Filipino citizen yet, "walang pakialam" sad to say.

As I was watching and listening through the hearing, it is being cut by commercials and thank God, channel 30 had no commercials of the hearing. Well, my enthusiasm for this news really had my attention. I see Jun Lozada and was listening to his testimonies. Likewise, I was also listening and watching to MascariƱas, Razon, and the NAIA official who in my opinion were not telling the truth. Each and every one of us have opinions, but I hope mine will be respected (peace Bros!).

I felt for Mr. Lozada's situation. It was a situation he didn't want and for me was just a man who didn't want to sin by lying. But what struck me the most was his remark on hiding for his safety. You bet, it's hard to say something that you know the President or any influential person for that matter wouldn't like. What's worse? being harassed by generals, chief of police, bodyguards with hard rock faces (literally). My oh my! what a hassle. Imagine yourself being in Jun Lozada's shoes. He is the one and his family who are in hiding for their safety when in fact, the true criminals are in their comfort zones. Isn't it an irony? But this is reality.

It has been one year since the loss of my little angel and because of this, I sometimes find myself feeling so down and thinking that I am the only one having this kind of pain. For sure, Mr. Lozada showed me something that made me move to the next chapter of my life. Although the pain is always there and I am always reminded of my daughter in every step I take here on earth, his cross was for me, too hard to carry. I believed him when he said that the truth is the one defending him.

I hate to sound so patriotic, but Mr. Lozada, you moved us common people to do something for our country. Even with me as a person who had no buff with what is going on in our country, this led me to keep track of the news now. We may not become the icons of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, or Ninoy Aquino, but at least we did something which made a difference. And although I am not as religious as before since my daughter was gone, I pray that you will be blessed because of your great sacrifice. I pray that the truth will come out and in the end, you will have your life back. A life which is not the same as before, but with a difference.

So hold on to that courage and determination. The country is backing you up. High ranking officials may have power because of their positions, but you have millions of supporters praying for you. Good luck sir and thanks for the inspiration.

Welcome to me!

Yes, I welcome myself to posting blogs on this site.
I just hope these will be HAPPY thoughts!
But hey, life is boring without the touch of sadness, grief and thrill, right?
I would also want to start my year right although it's already the month of Feb 08'.
It's nice to get into the community of blogging since this would also serve as my releaser of stress.
Life has so many complicated events and happenings.
Sometimes, you are caught in the act of something so strange and far from what you want and really expected it to be.
In starting my journey with blogging, I want to partly share as well as pour out some soup from the bowl.
With this, I will somehow look back and read the archives of my life and hopefully put on a grin rather than frown.
Well and again, everybody is searching for HAPPINESS....hello happiness...are you there? do you exist? am I being cynical? Well, I hope this is must go THEY say...but I am not having a gut feel out of it yet...any advice from anyone? LOL...
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