Fear of Needles?

"Thank you for waiting. Number 25, please proceed to the extraction area."

So goes the sound of their high tech lady voice number caller. With the push of a button, the calming voice of the lady mentions the priority number.

This is not my first time. In fact, I could not count with my fingers (even toes) the number of times that I have been here.

Labs, labs, labs. I have been used to this since I was diagnosed to have SLE ( Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). I guess the first time I had my labs gave me a feeling of fear and excitement.

I don't know why it gave me that feeling, but it sure does excites me to watch my blood leave from my vein. I would think this is weird for others.

Having my lab work from time to time in six years did make me think that this was just one my of natural routines. It became unexciting anymore. It became normal for me.

Nothing special...
This happens maybe when you already do things over and over again.
Nothing new...
You get used to needles of all sizes.

This may encourage other sick people like me out there.

If you were newly diagnosed with a disease or anything which always require you to do lab work, I tell you, you will get used to it.

Doing anything for the first time might be a hard start for anybody, but as you routinely do it, it becomes natural for you to be inserted with needles.

At first, you won't look as it is being inserted. As your visits in the lab become frequent, you tend to start looking at it and voila! you end up staring at it. Well this just means that you have conquered your fear.

You can then come back in this space and comment on how true I was.

Go on...Live longer...have your labs done.

WONDERLAND escapade!

mY nIECE aNGEL Is Starting To get addicted with Wonderland. Just like Robin Faith, all she talks about is Wonderland. This is a playland and so many of the kids here in our place love to play with all of their toys and little tikes.

Even my 8-year-old daughter Maia still enjoys playing with their toys. I can't help again but cry and remember how Robin loves this place. My hubby even stayed outside because he is also crying.

I am just happy that Angel also loves the things Robin loves. We can always remember Robin through other kids who loves things like going to Wonderland, eating in Jollibee, milk, playing with cooking utensils, eating chicken, dipping french fries in gravy, and so many things.

You can now eat ice cream and eat lots of chocolates up there because you are not already sick. You can now eat anything you like because you are already up there. I just wish that you are happy and that Jesus and Mama Mary is taking care of you! I love you baby and I miss you so much.

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