The computer will cost around 3,000 pesos (70 US dollars), according to science and technology secretary Mario Montejo.
"This is education in the future: no more heavy textbooks for our hapless school kids. Basically, we really should replace the books," he told reporters.
He also said the move would make Filipinos more competitive in science and technology.
However Montejo said the planned tablet would lack many features common to other such devices in order to make it cheaper.
"Every additional feature will add to the cost," he warned.
He did not say when the proposed tablet would be launched. - end of news

MY THOUGHTS:   Well it's about time that our children get the technology that they need. For me, it will make a big difference in so many ways: Save our trees from millions or not, billions of books produced every single school year, lighten our child's burden of carrying heavy, back-aching backpacks, book contents will easily be updated and corrected (a great solution to typographical errors school books have usually), and also provide insurmountable array of knowledge and information through the internet (with proper supervision though).

There is no end to its benefits, but as a third world country, the question would then hold on the capacity of parents to cope with the cost it will entail. Presently, elementary books every school year would range from P4,000 up to P8,000 in private schools and if a laptop would only cost P3,000, it will be a good investment.  Parents can maybe then choose additional educational softwares they like installed in it that they think would be helpful for kids. For public schools, the government should be able to at least subsidize part of the cost or raise funds to provide them for free.  One step at a time - they step at a time....

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