Grade 3 Malvar X.U. Pueblo

Last Saturday, October 25, 2008, Maia had her field demonstration. Fortunately, she was able to attend despite having fever. She doesn't feel well but she insists on going and joining her classmates.

She had her check up in the morning and had her labs. You can see the cotton on her elbow fold in the video.

She wasn't able to wear her hand props but she danced anyway.

Hmmm....another school activity where Robin was able to attend two years ago. I was just trying to hold back my tears but my heart is really crushing. GRRRRRR.......

No Idea...

Did it ever occur to you that you want to blog, yet nothing comes to mind? You feel yourself typing your way to something that comes to your mind, but as you start touching those keys, eager to type a long and interesting idea, nothing blinks right out of your cranium. I type fast and sometimes I feel that my typing is faster than my thinking LOL! I love to blog! I love to type anything that involves my personal life, the society around me, current events, and all interesting stuffs that I really feel like I hunger for making a blog. But it occurred to me now that nothing is leaving my brain. No IDEA...That's it! Today may not be my day to blog, but I will be back with a great revenge (antagonistic laughter) bwahahaha! I will tickle all your fancies and make all of you cry with laughter or tears. This would again depend on my mood and the topic. Anyway, as Ferdinand Magellan said, "I shall return." bwahahahahahhaha

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It's a bit odd that most people would always long for living their lives the way they hope it would be. Yet, it always seems that only 25% may be living and loving it. I would not have the answers but I am part of that other 75% who wants to live and love life the way I see it would beautifully be.

And what are those? Well, impossible things like having my child Robin Faith back. She is now in heaven and it's been 2 years already. She was 3 years old at that time when she officially became an angel - May 9, 2006. She had cardiomyopathy and as a third world country,all her doctors would say is accepting the fact that they can't do anything about it.

Another impossible thing of my "living and loving life" idea is winning in a lottery. Well, I was not buying anyway so how could I win? Maybe I will finally buy one and not think so much of winning, but think of the charity works of the works or the pockets of the corrupt officials of our government? This, I would like to find out.

These are just two things that I can think of for now...tsk..tsk.. 'til then ... I will be adding them as we progress...

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